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I grew up in Washington, D.C., Bucharest, Damascus, Moscow, and Paris, the son of a career Foreign Service officer.  After graduating from Princeton, I enjoyed a broad career in media as a musician, disc jockey, broadcasting educator, recording engineer, record company owner and CEO, and an executive responsible for operations, programming, licensing, and legislative outreach.  


I retired in 2014 from full-time employment as VP – International, Distributions, and License Administration for Copyright Clearance Center (CCC).  I started at CCC in 1998 as VP - Business Operations.  During my tenure with CCC, I also served as a director and vice-president on the Board of the International Federation of Reproductive Rights Organizations (IFRRO), representing CCC as well as U.S. rightsholders and users of intellectual property. 


Since retiring, I have limited my consulting to part-time in order to concentrate on my writing and on charitable work.  I currently am on the Board of The Richard Hugo House, a place where readers and writers come together to celebrate the power of words. I am also a 35-year member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. 



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